Take Control of Your Brain Health with SageSignal™

SageSignalTM is the breakthrough solution that provides critical insights into your brain health risks through a simple blood test. Our proprietary biomarker analysis quantifies your overall brain health into a Neuro Score - giving you an early warning for cognitive decline risks years before impairment onset.

With the SageSignal™ test, you get:

  • At-home blood draw kit for a quick and easy sample collection
  • FDA Class II Lancet 510(k)-cleared
  • Analysis of your blood sample using our patented testing process
  • Your comprehensive Neuro Score report within 72 hours
  • Personalized infographics that contextualize your score results
  • Ongoing support for retesting and monitoring your Neuro Score 

Early detection is key. SageSignal™ gives you the power to modify your risks and reduce neural inflammation by understanding your current brain health. Take control of your future cognitive abilities today with the breakthrough solution from Sage Cerebro.