About Us

Elevating the Future of Brain Health 

Welcome to Sage Cerebro, the vanguard of predictive neurological diagnostics. In a landscape awash with reactive solutions, we bring you proactive healthcare strategies that are nothing short of revolutionary.


Our Core Focus

We stand at the intersection of next-generation diagnostic testing and vascular brain health. Our aim? To fundamentally rewrite the playbook on the diagnosis and management of chronic cerebrovascular diseases. We're breaking new ground with pioneering multi-analyte immunoassays and cell-based diagnostics designed to deliver personalized risk assessments and substantially mitigate the prevalence of stroke and vascular dementia.


Why This Matters

Modern imaging modalities are effective but limited, offering merely a glimpse into the labyrinthine network of micro-vessels crucial to brain health. Traditional methods fall short of capturing the intricate workings of these conduits that lie beneath the surface—precisely the gap that Sage Cerebro is poised to fill.

Globally, dementia impacts 50 million lives, with vascular factors contributing to a staggering 10 million cases. Emerging research only compounds the urgency, revealing how conditions like hypertension and diabetes can fast-track cognitive decline. The numbers aren't just stats; they're a clarion call for transformative action.


Groundbreaking Products: Introducing SageSignal

Our inaugural product, SageSignal, employs a novel blood-based diagnostic assay to distinguish between vascular dementia and other cognitive impairments like Alzheimer's. SageSignal is fortified by our cutting-edge clinical validation study—Advanced Risk Evaluation for Silent Stroke and Brain Injury (ADDRESS-BI)—lending it unmatched credibility in vascular dementia diagnosis.


Technological Synopsis

Our methodology involves a unique molecular fingerprinting technique, mapping out the damage chronic vascular risk factors like hypertension and high glucose levels wreak on the brain's vascular system. Leveraging proprietary algorithms and inflammatory signaling pathways, we've crystallized these insights into a state-of-the-art diagnostic platform with a focus on IL-18 cytokine. The result? A first-of-its-kind blood test that accurately discerns between different kinds of cognitive impairment.

In addition to this, our innovation vault includes diagnostics that emulate cerebral blood flow on a chip, adding a dimension of real-time physiological data to our growing portfolio.


Our Vision for the Future

Sage Cerebro is not just a business; it's a movement. Our vision is to empower healthcare providers and individuals alike to detect, quantify, and ultimately halt insidious damage to the brain’s microvascular network. Sage Signal is our opening salvo in a long-term strategy to transform neurological health. We're not just anticipating the future; we're building it, ensuring that the ticking time bomb of hidden vascular brain damage is defused before the clock runs out.

Embark on this visionary journey with us. Let's redefine what's possible in brain health, together.